DTM Rail Map – June 2017 Update!

The DTM Rail Map gained a huge update in February 2017 to help baffled residents of the DTM World get around. Now, as promised by the master cartographer, JDPlaysMC, the June 2017 version has been released.

It includes the recently built Waterfall Line, that runs from Ice Valley Junction, near Mrs_Amar’s Polar Land, to Lost Sheep Junction, near funkybiker, allowing for a huge amount of land to be opened up for land to be built on by new residents, including 5 NPC Villages, in multiple biomes.

Also included are smaller changes, such as the opening of Funland where JAWWARS3000 was previously living by creators StevenJam and cubs22, the re-opening of the branch line to Dreamz0103 after lengthy engineering works, and even a change of colour from a rather hard to see yellow for the Duck Line. Other changes include a new layout at the end of the Mooshroom and Duck lines.

The February 2017 Release of the DTM Rail Map
The June 2017 release of the DTM Rail Map, where the changes made are quite clear

The DTM Rail Map has been a huge success since it’s full fledged release back in February 2017, being used very often by users as a way to see where they are going to get to their destination.

I among others use the map, it serves as a way to stop me getting lost, and makes planning adventures around DTM easy.

Me and GeorgeScott5 use it extensively for planning our adventures as stated above, without we’d have no idea of which route is more quicker etc thanks goes to [JDPlaysMC].

As usual, the map will be situated on the Down The Mineshaft website, and the next update will be in September 2017, to accommodate the North Meepbay Line extension, that goes via Folly Interchange (a station which opened in February 2017) and is due to be completed by the end of the summer.

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