Upgraded In-Game Chat!

We’ve installed a new chat plugin to help try and improve the chat situation now there are a few more people using the server.

The first and most requested feature that is now available is the ability to ignore another player

/ignore playername

From now on, you won’t hear anything at all from that player!  Repeat the command again to listen to them again.  You can check who you are ignoring with

/ignore list


Whispering gets a small upgrade – to send a message directly to someone you can type:

/tell playername a message

This will play a little tinkling around and show them the message on their screen – to reply, they can very simply type:

/reply my response

It will use the user who sent them the last /tell to direct the message to automatically.


Channels are a big new feature.  You can’t define your own channels but we have created a few that are available for everyone to use.  Channels are a great way that allow you to tuck yourselves away in a corner and chat with your buddies while you work on your latest mega-build.

First up, you can list all the available channels with:


If you want to join a channel and make it so new messages you send go there, type

/channel channelname

You should use /channel any time you want to change where your next message goes – if you were to join the blue room channel for example, you’d start seeing the conversations in there as well as in global and if you then say something, it will only go in to blueroom, so only people in there can see what you type.  If you then do /channel global – your next message will go to global and not blueroom.  Note that you will still receive messages that are in the blueroom because you don’t stop listening to it just because you typed /channel.  This is useful because it means you can be a part of multiple conversations if you want to.

If you no longer want to see messages from a channel, type:

/leave channelname

From that point on, you won’t get those messages.

For example, let’s say that there’s a bunch of chatter going on in the main “global” chat, you and a buddy need to see what each other is saying and not have it blast off the top of the screen – so you agree to move to the channel “blueroom”.

/channel blueroom

In order to get rid of the chat-spam coming from global, you need to leave it:

/leave global

Now you’re in the quiet, and can work away.  There’s no way to lock the room, so others can join, but it will at least be more peaceful.

Don’t worry about missing important system messages, those will now come out as a “broadcast” that everyone will get regardless of the channel they’re on.

When you’re done and want to return to the mayhem:

/channel global

/leave blueroom


It’s that easy!


Let us know what you think about this new chat plugin!


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