Server Map for Everyone!

We have optimised our dynmap configuration a bit and decided to make it available to everyone.

Dynmap is a web based map that shows you in what the world looks like using a 2D top down view or a 3D isometric view.  It’s a great way to see the enormous Down the Mineshaft world and also some hidden messages that can only be seen properly from “orbit” too 🙂  Can you recognise some previous landmarks from earlier in the life of DtM ?

To gain access to it, you will first need to log in to Minecraft and the server and register for it:

/dynmap webregister

This will give you a registration code, remember that, you’ll need it in a moment.

Now go to this URL in your browser:

This will ask you to log in – the top section is for existing users, the bottom section is for new users who need to register – that’s you.

In the second section, put your Minecraft username and your password in twice in the spaces provided, then enter your registration code.


That’s it – once that’s done, you now have access to the world map, in future just put your username and password in the top box and don’t forget to bookmark the link!


On the map you can turn on “worldguard” maps which is a great way to see where all the regions are on the world, particularly useful if you want to understand how the plots all fit together. You can also go to the right hand side and a little panel will fly out – from here you can get a list of who is online and also choose whether you want the 2D top down or 3D isometric views.


One request – if you get the urge to go exploring in far distant lands to fill in areas that are currently not mapped out, please try to limit yourself – the server map is enormous and that’s just making it bigger and bigger all the time 🙂  Thank you for thinking about our poor server 🙂

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