Starting with Twitch channel Subscribers we are starting to roll out the first of the vehicles, the Cars.  We are doing this slowly so that we can keep track on server load and catch it as soon as possible if it starts to place too great a load on the server.

The “Vehicles” mod provides for a range of vehicles including Submarines, Helicopters, Bikes, Planes, Tanks and more – but we’ll get to those later!

For now – if you are a subscriber to the MattPeddlesden Twitch stream and you’d like to have access to Cars, please send a DM to Matt via the Discord server.

If you get access you’ll need a few simple instructions to help you use them:


This will give a list of all the car types that are available – right now that’s Yellow, Magenta and Black.

To get a car, first make sure you have a spare slot in your inventory and then type:

/getCar [NAME]

for example:

/getCar YELLOW

(note it is important that the case of the colour exactly matches how it is given to you in carList)

This will place a chest in your inventory, go somewhere (maybe a road, for example!) and attempt to place the chest on the ground and instead of a chest, a car will magically appear!

Right click on the car to get in it and just like a minecart – press Shift to exit.

If you then want to pick the car up and put it back in your inventory hold shift and then right click on the car and it will re-appear as a chest in your inventory.

While you’re driving a car you use the usual WSAD keys to move it around but keep in mind the following:

  1. It doesnt stop instantly!
  2. It can only go up HALF slabs it can’t go up a full block
  3. If you go into a wall and turn around 180, that will place you technically INSIDE the wall and you will start suffocating.  Reverse from walls first 🙂

Lastly – please don’t go overboard with creating cars, admin reserve the right to remove cars from people and/or entirely remove it from the server if it turns out to be detrimental to the generally good operation of the server!


We’re really interested to hear what you get up to in the cars, how do you use them? Can you think of any creative activities that having these cars might inspire such as roads, raceways and more?



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