GamingTwist’s 6th storage room…(yeah i know) and 3rd base

GamingTwist’s 6th storage room…

GamingTwist’s 6th storage room…

GamingTwist has played on the server for long time and has had 2 bases but he is starting the 3rd now. But there was a lot of items at the 2 bases (the ocean one and the floating one) and lets just say the storage room we’re not organised GT calls it:

Hold shift and click as fast as you can while spinning the mouse around

Now if that is done for a long time you end up with millions of chest plastered around your base. :/

GT was getting burnt out of building in his sky base so he is going to be building a 3rd base but this time underground (so he will have a ocean, sky and underground base whats next?.. fire?) and the first thing he did was make a center of the base then he made a storage room.


This will be the 1st thing players see when they enter GT base. He wanted to go for a server lobby like build for the base to break off in different direction.

On the east side is the storage room that houses all GT’s item bar a few.

It took GT about 3days to move all the items. And with the chests are marked with item frames, really helping GT each one is private so no one can take anything.

GT is looking forward to his future underground base! But the hub may need some light it looks very gloomy.

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