Applesby Loopline Closes as a new future looms.

An eerie sight was to be seen across Applesby this morning. It was announced last week that mayor JDPlaysMC was standing down, with most areas of the town falling into disrepair. With the future looking dark, it is believed that Meepler, mayor of nearby Meepton City, will be looking to take over the land throughout Applesby for further future developments.

Today, the track was slowly ripped up from the Applesby Loopline, which has helped the residents of the area get around for nearly 2 years. Alongside this, track from the Applesby Manor branch of the North Meepbay Line was also ripped up, however the rest of the line remains in use.

The future for Applesby remains unkown as of now, but from looking at previous endeavours from Mr. Meepler, it’ll probably involve some flattening, some roads, and some homes. The two mayors exchanged words last night to confirm a go-ahead, but sadly the final decision hasn’t been made.

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