“Folly Line” renamed to Clay Line South and extended to AlexK98’s plot

As reported in the DTM News the railway heading east from Spawn Village had the working title of the “Folly Line” since it did not actually go anywhere useful.

The end of the previous engineering works stopped short of the the motorway service area and motels operated by AlexK98. Alex extended the line through his service area and installed a loop back to return minecart riders on the Southbound track.

On Wednesday night after the DTM stream the DTM Rail Engineering Department lead by Director of Rail Operations (Haddock1000) took possession of the line and undertook an overnight engineering effort to link the end of the line to the junction at the grade crossing. This was a considerable engineering task since the railway had to pass through the junction of the Jungle Highway and the highway to BigBossAyrton as is shown on the featured image and below.


As usual Haddock1000 was assisted by Easilyconfused who frantically laid track behind the civil engineering works performed by Haddock1000. The track layout was finalised and checked in both directions by Easilyconfused and Haddock1000.

Easilyconfused told our DTM news reporter “I am really buzzing about this latest extension to the DTM rail network. It offers massive potential to unlock more land for building and more importantly allows the potential for a 6 hour minecart ride without repeating any lines.”

Director of Rail Operations – Haddock1000 had a slightly different view and was quoted as saying “Oh great, this means Easilyconfused will go off on another marathon minecart ride instead of doing something usefull!” He continued “This new line is opening up more land for development and making the plot congestion around the Spawn Village less of an issue.”

Our DTM News reporter asked Haddock1000 about the choice of name for the line and Haddock responded “This is the southern end of the clay line. The northern end is linking AlexK98 to Mrs_Amar and this line will eventually connect with the Clay Line North. Exactly how we are going to do that is not quite clear yet but it will happen.”

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