DTM Rail Errata

We have been notified by a DTM Rail representative that the line naming system described in the previous post was not quite correct. They elaborated:

The Folly Line has now become a permanent title, and forms the eastbound mainline from spawn. The line continues East from Swamp Junction towards new territory. The line north from Swamp Junction to AlexK98’s plot, including the new section between Jungle Road Service Station and the Junction with the Cross-Country Line is called the Clay Branch, not an extension of the Folly Line as described in the DTM News report. This line was originally called the Jungle Road Line, but is now managed as part of the same subdivision as the line towards Mrs_Amar’s plot, although a direct connection does not exist. The Jungle Road Line now has inherited the new name of its northern twin, The Clay Branch, and until they are physically connected together, they will be referred to as The Clay Branch – South, and the The Clay Branch – North.

DTM News apologises for this small error. We have also been notified that the bridge at the junction with the BBA Road is temporary until someone comes up with a better material to make it out of.

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