Breakthrough in Sorting “May save server”

OPs staff have been heard to say that new research into methods of creating item sorters in caves under Amartyville “may save the server from lag catastrophe”.

Haddock1000, who was advising and assisting in the construction of Amarillon’s latest project, made the statement regarding a new system of transferring goods between item sorter hoppers using water, rather than a line of hoppers – believed to be a first for the server.

In the new system, water chutes ending with an ice block and sign are used in series to transfer items around the system, with a single dropper powered by a hopper clock used to inject items into the system. The water transportation system has the potential to remove literally hundreds of hoppers – known to be a significant cause of lag – from the system, a discovery which appeared to make Haddock1000 almost happy. He was seen vanishing to help another server resident, calling “expect to see this at the bakery soon!” over his shoulder.

Haddock1000 was unavailable for comment when DTM News asked, while Amarillon and Mrs_Amar were, as usual, failing to convince Small Boy to get in and stay in his own bed.

One thought on “Breakthrough in Sorting “May save server”

  • 15th June 2016 at 3:16 pm

    I did actually already have a sorting system using water, this was rarely used though

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