Danetown ground writing debate : art or graffiti ?

The population of Danetown went to work with a surprise on the way a few days ago. It was reported that someone has dug letters into the ground, spelling ‘HI JEGER’. We have spoken with Jegerdansker, who said:

The fact that some people does this is weird. I do have an idea of who it is, but I will not say what Meep-… I mean, what his name is, and I have my reasons not to.

After the interview Jegerdansker went home to his bed, and he was seen through a window screaming at a tablet, which apparently was on a Skype call with Danetown Transit driver, Matthew Peddlesden, who had run through Danetown City station at 110mph, with a red light at the end of the platform. Read more about that story on danetowntransit.dk/en.

The Arts Reporter for DTM News Live, Frank3103, was unavailable for comment due to mountain moving duties so the great question goes unanswered “Is this art or an wanton act of vandalism?” Easilyconfused, who happened to be idly mooching around the news room, did suggest that this could be the work of hyper-intelligent aliens but that seems unlikely.

One thought on “Danetown ground writing debate : art or graffiti ?

  • 15th July 2016 at 9:26 pm

    I mean, aliens were spotting in northern Meepbay… could’ve been them…

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