Updated rail map produced by AKinkyApple

Newcomers to the DTM world frequently experience difficulty in navigating the convoluted network that has been constructed by a variety of builders. Director of Rail Operations for DTM Rail Haddock1000 did produce a map some time ago but it has quickly become out of date in some cases confused the newcomers more than having no map at all.

AKinkyApple has come the the rescue of DTM residents and visitors with a herculean task of updating the map.

AKinkyApple has worked with DTM Rail to complete an easy-to-read and follow map of the lines around the world that link some of the key locations. The Mooshroom-Jungle line was first, running from Brain_Damaged to the Sand Quarry, taking Apple 5 hours to complete, after numerous mistakes. He then moved onto the Clay line from Mrs_Amar to Jawwars3000, before completing the Castle Folly Line going to, you guessed it, nowhere! He then preceded to do the Boondock, Duck and Birch Valley lines, connecting areas in the east to those in the west along with long distance lines from Meepton City to Danetown.

This job took Apple countless hours and when we asked him for a comment he said

The map was a long job to complete, and was a challenge with the limited signage on many plots at stations, but with others help, it was possible. There are still some minor changes on the way, so keep an eye out! I will soon be doing maps for local lines on peoples plots by request, so feel free to ask me, and I will get to it.

DTM thanks AKinkyApple for the huge amount of work he has put in on this project and his generous offer to keep it updated as more lines are added.

Downloadable map – right click to download.

The map
The map

One thought on “Updated rail map produced by AKinkyApple

  • 12th July 2016 at 11:32 pm

    Just want to make things clear, that the line into Meepbay is it’s own separate line, same with the line from Meepbay to Atlantic City, and the line north to Pennsylvania. The Meepbay and Atlantic City Lines do not require a track change, but to Penn. you will have to.

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