Danetown Airport Expansions

While the construction of the Danetown Airport is underway, discussions are being done at Danetown Hotel about expansions. It is currently planned, that immediately after the grand opening of the airport, more works are to be done. On the 20th of July, we interviewed Jegerdansker to get more exact details about the plans.

The Danetown International Airport is about to open after lots of work. We hope to have it opened in a week or two. However, after the hard work, we yet have stuff to do. The number of our “landing right requests” has been bigger than we thought, and we do not have space for more than five planes on the ground at the time. Due to this, we have to work hard on the expansions, including extending the runway, build new aprons, extend the terminal etc. We are still planning, hoping to be done with the planning before the opening of the airport.

At this time, 25 takeoffs and landings each day has been confirmed, to destinations including Copenhagen, London, Edinburgh, Frankfurt and many others, and regional airlines flying to North Airport and Cubsmouth. When the expansions are done, it is planned to have 35-50 takeoffs and landings each day, and long distance flights to New York, Miami, Dubai and others.

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