MattPeddlesden Spotted Devouring Entire Cake

The Terrified Witnesses

Horrified witnesses described a morbid scene at a nearby McMeeps on Monday. In the presence of 3 children, 2 members of the DTM Team, 2 Members of the Amarillon crew, and a “Baby ‘Ombie” someone who looked suspiciously like MattPeddlesden was spotted eating an entire Minecraft Cake. Those who were unfortunate enough to see such an act have described it as:

Someone who clearly has not eaten in a while discovering Mrs Amar’s fabulous home cooking – Mrs Amar

and as

Baby ‘Ombie! Baby ‘Ombie! – “Baby ‘Ombie”

It is understood that the gathering of members of the DTM Team and associates was for the celebration of Matt reaching [REDACTED] (42) years old, and for an exchange of cakes, cookies and good will. No-one was anticipating the horrific scene that followed, but everyone had a split second to react when Matt picked up a knife and fork. A panicked customer of the McMeeps managed to catch the following shot just before the mayhem started.

The Horrific Scene at McMeeps
The Horrific Scene at McMeeps

The latest report from the¬†chief of DTM’s cave search and rescue team, EasilyConfused (Who was playing around with sand and gunpowder. Again) gave an update recently:

Sadly it is known that the Cookies did not last for more than 24 hours. Large sections of the cake are unaccounted for, and the citizens of DTM should prepare themselves for the worst.

Mayor of the DTM World, MattPeddlesden has said:

Firstly, despite my name, I am not the same person as the scoundrel who did whatever he did to that poor cake. If the worst does happen, we will have a day of mourning on Friday.

He was heard muttering on a still-activated microphone later:

We’ll have it on Friday ‘cos I want my Birthday off, and I will need some rest as I let all that yummy food go down.


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