DTM enters a new era and polar bears sighted.

DTM News Live can bring you the exciting news that the Down The Mineshaft world has entered a new era. Over the weekend chief technical wizard haddock1000 and his sometimes less than competent lackey, EasilyConfused, upgraded the base server software and plugins to the latest 1.10.2 release level. No TNT was involved in the upgrade process to the relief of all DTM residents.

The move to 1.10.2 brings a number of benefits. There is now the ability for polar bears to spawn in newly discovered ice regions, and in the mesa biomes gold is much more plentiful. The DTM team wasted little time in checking out a mesa biome and found copious amounts of gold. Our DTM News Live reporter expects the mesa biome plots to become much sought after for the richness of this natural resource.

After the upgrade EC_m2, Mrs Amar and EasilyConfused went walkabout in the far frozen northern wilderness and soon were rewarded with the sighting of polar bears. A couple of adult bears and a cub were spotted. It was soon established that approaching the cub resulted in the adult bears becoming aggressive but Mrs Amar noted they can’t run up hills as fast as a DTM resident with a bear behind them.

As a result of the random exploring of far-flung regions of the map it has grown somewhat over the last 10 days leaving DTM CEO and World President Matt Peddlesden pondering the size of the overnight backups as dynmap continues to render, the map of the known world. Beyond the known world EasilyConfused wrote on the hard copy of the map “Here be dragons and unicorns!”.

Note: After publishing this article, the DTM News Editorial Team were notified that EC_m2, Mrs Amar and EasilyConfused were not the first to discover a polar bear, in fact it was Amarillon. The Editorial Team would like to apologise for any accidental misinformation published.

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