Delinquency Fears about Junior Amartyville Population

An incident in the early hours after the upgrade to version 1.10.2 has been blamed for an increase in juvenile violence and delinquency in the area around Amartyville Iron Farm.

The incident, which involved haddock1000, a command block and large amounts of cubic pigs, created many rounds of bacon but also, more worryingly, led to numerous attacks by Baby Zombies, all named after the Amars’ infamous toddler, known online simply as ‘Baby Ombie’. Following the application of a stair gate (later replaced by a stair fence…) the number of deaths due to attacks has decreased, but attacks are continuing by the growling infants.

As the Baby ‘Ombie attacks intensified in both number and severity, haddock1000 was seen sitting back and watching, encouraging the attackers to kill both Amarillon and Mrs_Amar, just so the renegade Admin could see the words “Mrs_Amar was killed by Baby ‘Ombie”.

The Mayor of Amartyville, Amarillon, has issued a warrant to the Iron Golem Patrol for the arrest and detention of haddock1000 on charges of inciting violence and Excess Bacon Consumption Without Red Sauce (a.k.a. EBC w/o RS). At the time of writing, the miscreant is still at large and Server Dwellers are advised that if haddock1000 is seen, they should stay clear and report his location to their local Law Enforcement for action.

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