Meepler Brings Polar Bear to Meepton City

Last week, Meepler spent about two hours capturing and bringing back a polar bear from Mrs. Amar’s ice plains plot. The distance was over 10,000 blocks. When our DTM  News Live reporters asked Meepler for a comment he said,

It wasn’t easy.  But I was able to use boats and leads for the main section of the journey. Once I reached the I-88 corridor, I used leads to Far Village where then we used DTM Rail and MBT to bring it into downtown Meepton City.

Along the trip, other residents of DTM made a point of seeing the polar bear being transported by a boat. Easilyconfused was fascinated by a polar bear in a boat saying,

This has to be worthy of a news story. Polar bears joyriding in boats.

Stay updated to DTM News Live as we’ll bring you breaking updates on any new polar bear news.


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