Construction Begins on City Walls

After several skeleton horse related incidents, work has begun on a wall to keep the “nasties” out of spawn city. The wall will be constructed of smooth stone and stone bricks. DTM News has been assured that this is not due to the extreme oversupply of these materials, and that no payments of diamonds have been made by EasilyConfused to encourage more demand than is currently present. Chief Engineer, haddock1000 said:

After many problems involving EC_m2 running in the opposite direction to lightning bolts, it has been decided that a perimeter wall is needed for spawn city. The terror of skeletons on horseback cannot continue. The design of the wall has been agreed on for a number of months now, and has not been hastily redesigned to use more smooth stone.

The Amarillon & Amarillon Inc. have been awarded the contract for help in construction of the wall. Amarillon was approached for comment, but shuffled away mumbling something about being forced to work until the small hours of the morning. However DTM News understands that those working on the project are finding it a very fortifying experience [You’re fired! – Ed.]. The wall will also be accompanied by a number of castles, watchtowers, keeps and lighthouses to use up even more stone [shhh – Ed.] to give locations for members of the DTM defence reserves (essentially any old joker we can find with a bow and arrow) to practice by shooting zombies and spiders that attempt to scale the wall. Construction on the project is expected to take an undefined amount of time, but haddock1000 has assured us that work will continue once the furnace has space for another run. Time will tell if that pans out to be true.

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