Meepler sparks a bridge building frenzy

DTM News Live reports tonight on the frenzy of bridge building sparked by Meepler. Meepler Engineering had graciously offered to help build a road into Goldyrails plot. Since Easilyconfused dislikes building roads and Meepler Engineering is the recognised expert in this field it was quickly agreed to set the relevant planning permissions in place to allow the road to be constructed.

Early on in the process it was determined that the basic bridge constructed by DTM Rail was in the same location as the road. Meepler requested and was granted permission to upgrade the bridge to be more aesthetically pleasing than the simple dirt track bed favoured by DTM Rail for speed of construction. The results were impressive and a very elegant bridge now carries the railway over the new road.

Trackside view through Meepler's new bridge
Trackside view through Meepler’s new bridge

Around the same time Goldyrail completed the rail line to the DTM Rail network and built a simpler design of bridge on his plot to carry the lines over a small river.

Goldyrail's bridge
Goldyrail’s bridge

Having seen both of these examples Easilyconfused was seen contemplating a chest full of materials in the mall. A short time later a sample bridge had been constructed somewhere on the line from Warhawk Junction to Herrflick253.

EC's first bridge
EC’s first bridge
After a number of test runs through the bridge to refine the design Easilyconfused then set out to build a bigger bridge on dual track line. Locating a suitable spot on the Folly Line, Easilyconfused set about building but was interrupted by the urgent need to take lunch with Mrs EC. Once that was concluded the building recommenced resulting in a dual track bridge.
Folly Line bridge
Folly Line bridge
Folly Line bridge
Folly Line bridge

Further encouraged by this a 3rd bridge was build east of Ravine Junction over a deeper drop. After falling off the bridge several times it was finally completed.

East of Ravine Junction
East of Ravine Junction

Easilyconfused was asked by our report about future plans but remained noncommittal about how many more bridges were intended to be built.

I now have the basic design sorted out but it does take some time to build each bridge so depending on other projects more bridges may be built but I don’t have any timelines yet.

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