BigBossAyrton makes history.

BigBossAyrton has become the first DTM resident to try out the new railway line heading west from Cubs22’s Dark Oak Village towards the gravel quarry. The line has been extended over the weekend by Easilyconfused and since BigBossAyrton was on a railway tour he decided to take in the new line.

During the weekend Easilyconfused became bored with watching the food railway so deliberately ignored Haddock’s rule #1 “Don’t let him work alone!” Getting a wanderlust, Easilyconfused went out to Hog Heaven Junction and continued the line to the west with the intention of reaching the gravel quarry. The route was not straightforward so the line weaves the line of least resistance which lead to the line meandering all over the place to avoid where possible long tunnels being dug through mountains.

The line has extended over 4700 blocks west during the weekend which is a lot of track to be laid and bidirectionally tested.

Along the way several work huts were built and then abandoned as the line pushed forward. The huts have all been stripped of useful material but are still safe havens for travellers caught out by nightfall in zombie rich territory.

Work hut
Work hut

At the end of the construction Easilyconfused tested the line and was astonished to find that to travel from the end of the line in the North-West to the sand quarry in the far south-east takes 1 hour 20 minutes of minecart riding when using the most direct route.

Although the line doesn’t quite reach the gravel quarry yet BigBossAyrton was impressed

it’s a very interesting journey to take with some nice features along the route.

Nice stuff down there
Nice stuff down there

Easilyconfused was about to provide a ribbon to be cut to celebrate the opening of the line. Turning to Bryn-Chan he requested a pink ribbon but got a glacial stare back since Bryn-Chan doesn’t do pink. Knowing when to quit whilst he was ahead Easilyconfused just waved at BigBossAyrton as he departed from the Redstone Hill junction.

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