Railway arrives in Jannerdunk’s plot. Citizens celebrate!

The DTM Rail network has reached Jannerdunk’s plot in the eastern area of the DTM world. Previously the railway went straight past the plot without any connection causing inconvenience and a long walk to the station for Jannerdunk which was no fun in the frequent rain showers for which the DTM World is renowned.

DTM Rail’s chief surveyor unexpectedly appeared on the plot on Saturday mumbling something about his truck being off the road for repairs and immediately set about constructing a railway junction. Ignoring previous instructions from Haddock1000 about always using the standardised junction design, Easilyconfused toiled through zombie attacks and a particularly persistent bunch of creepers to produce a junction with tracks dropping down under the mainline to reach into Jannerdunk’s plot.

Mainline junction at Jannerdunk’s plot
When asked by our reporter why the standardised design was not used Easilyconfused was happy to explain

The standardised design is great and very economical to build. However, in this case there were two reasons I didn’t use it. Firstly, it needs a flat area and it was simply too much effort to make the area flat. Secondly, I left the designs in the office and couldn’t remember exactly how to build it from memory.

The finished junction was tested by lunchtime on Saturday and Easilyconfused was spotted heading off down the line in pursuit of a herd of wild pigs with the yelling “Come back here unprocessed bacon!”.

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