Sunday DTM Rail engineering works completed.

Sunday shoppers experienced delays today as Easilyconfused continued with long delayed improvements to the DTM Rail network. A new junction was requested to run the railway into GeorgeScott5’s plot and had been on-hold for a considerable length of time whilst planning issues and general non-availability of the Chief Surveyor, Easilyconfused.

Taking possession of the line after lunch on Sunday, Easilyconfused proceeded to construct the junction on the Folly Line just before Island junction. Long consideration was given to upgrading Island Junction but it was determined the resulting tangle of tracks would simply have been too complex to lay in the limited time available.

The completed junction

Easilyconfused was unavailable for comment but we did catch up with the Director Of Rail Operations, Haddock100, who was surprised to hear that the work had been completed.

Progress recently has been slow and I keep hearing rumours Easilyconfused has taken a second job driving trucks. This would amount to dereliction of duty and will be investigated.

DTM News Live will continue to follow this story with interest since it appears Easilyconfused has some explaining to do.

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