New Airport at Ducktown

In Ducktown situated at DanshDuck18062’s plot a new airport has been built, with a variety of different destinations within the area. The Airport is mostly for cargo such as wheat, potatoes, etc. The airport does take passengers though.

I’m glad that the airport is done, it took me a long time. With all those trees… to… yeah you get what I mean. But the airport is now open for cargo and for passengers.”

Stated Mads (pronounced Mas) aka DanshDuck18062 in an interview after the Airport was done.

Oh btw… “We’re back!!” he said also while he walked away…

DTM Rail’s Chief Surveyor confirmed tonight that a request for a rail link has been received but has not yet been put into the program of planned engineering works mainly due to him playing trains on Onehouse Model Railway at the weekend.

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