Railway flooded during construction of new junction.

On Monday evening commuters were delayed by flooding washing away a section of the Jungle Line south of Ravine Junction. Our reporters rushed to the scene and were not surprised to see Easilyconfused trying to stem the flow of water from the roof of a new underground junction.

The junction in question is a new one to link to the internal rail network DireDay87 has built in his plot. Due to the very narrow gap between plots it was determined that the only place the DTM Rail standardised junction would fit was in a mountain adjacent to the plot so Easilyconfused started to excavate the location next to the Jungle line. Early on the in the excavations water was noted dripping from the roof of the excavations and then suddenly water was in working area washing away existing parts of the Jungle Line.

Once the errant underground lake had been plugged up, Easilyconfused continued to build the junction and eventually hooked it up to the internal rail network DireDay87 had already constructed. The difference in left and right hand running meant a fly-under had to be used to get the carts on the correct lines.

Fly-under on the DireDay87 junction

At the conclusion of the work Easilyconfused stood pack to take the obligatory photos of the work and commented

I hope this is not going to get blown out of proportion with a minor leak causing temporary inconvenience during the build phase.

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