Waterfall Line opens for business.

In a joint venture between DTM Rail and Mrs Amar, the Waterfall line has been completed and opened this weekend. A huge amount of track bed has been hacked out of the ground and lined with cobblestone and then a double track line laid all the way from Lost Sheep Junction on the Mooshroom Line to Mrs Amar’s polar region plot with the existing onward connection to Frozen Lake Junction. The total distance from Frozen Lake Junction to Lost Sheep Junction is 15.5 kilometres and the trip takes around 33 minutes to complete.

Also included is a junction and branch-line into GamingTwist’s plot and 2 junctions at Falls Junction (North) and Falls Junction (South) which lead to a scenic loop around some water and lava falls.

Falls Junction (North)
Falls Junction (North)

Supplies of cobblestone ran dangerously low during the preparation of the track bed. When asked why cobblestone was being used Mrs Amar explained

We always seem to have plenty of cobblestone, you can’t possibly run out!

That optimism threatened to delay the whole project until much appreciated assistance from other DTM residents arrived in the form of stacks of cobblestone being provided.

Once the construction was completed satellite mapping revealed a line snaking across the landscape in various directions unlike most other DTM Rail lines which run dead straight for simplicity and speed. Our reporters sought to find the reason why but Director of Rail Operations, Haddock1000, was largely unaware of the building work since he is working on a top secret venture. Looking at the the satellite images in disbelief his initial reaction was to look at the ceiling and mutter

I leave him alone for 2 weeks and we now have a railway that looks like a plate of spaghetti dropped from a great height!

Our sources indicate that although Easilyconfused laid most of the trackwork, the actual route was chosen by Mrs Amar and EC_m2. The duo also constructed the trackbed ahead of the high-output track-laying operator.

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