How to Join the Server!

Getting connected

The current version of Minecraft on the DTM server is 1.12 so you will need to ensure that you are running that version first.  Do this by opening the launcher and see if it says “ready to play Minecraft 1.12” – if it says a different version then you’ll need to update your profile.  Click New Profile, change the Profile name to “DownTheMineshaft 1.12” and under “Use Version” select “release 1.12”.  Click Save Profile.  Now, in the bottom left it should show the new profile and in the bottom right will be ready to launch or install the 1.12 version.  Click Play to proceed.

Once you’re in to the game, click Multiplayer, Add Server, put “Down The Mineshaft” as the name and “” as the Server Address. Don’t include the quote marks!

That’s all you need – get connected and you will be in the initial spawn location in Spawn Village.

We have a Discord channel for subscribers to Discord works best with a headset rather than relying on built in speakers and microphones.

What to do when you first join the server.

So now you are connected. Before we begin let’s be clear that the server is a family friendly server. Some of the users are quite young so keep the language clean. Sometimes in the heat of the moment on the live streams an odd word will get in but in the chat there is no excuse for it since it takes time to type it. If you want to use foul language then find another server to play on.

Likewise, please note that the use of “hacked” clients is not allowed and when detected will result in a permanent ban from the server. For the avoidance of doubt our definition of a “hacked” client is one that allows you to fly, see through wall or evade other security measures. This definition is not exhaustive and the admins will take each case on it’s merits. This measure is in place to ensure all users get the same experience and play on a level playing field.

OK – rant over so let’s look at what happens when you logon for the first time. Firstly you will start at Spawn Village. This is where it all started. Any time you want you can type /spawn to return here. However, be aware this is inhibited in some regions (more on that later).

The very next thing you should do is type /kit starterkit which will give you a basic set of tools, items to get you going and importantly some food.

There are a lot of buildings at Spawn Village. Most will not be accessible to you but 2 important ones are. The Bakery is to the west of the beacons at the top of a hill. It rather cunningly has an enormous B on the top of it so you know what it is. Free food is usually available here. The other important building is the original DTM Mall which is accessed from the main square between the beacon and the bakery.

OK so what is important about the mall?

The mall contains a number of “shops” on the lower floor which are mainly locked for the core DTM team to store supplies in. There are unlocked chests that contain food mainly on the lower floor. On the mezzanine floor there is the “Junk Exchange” where DTM residents can leave stuff they don’t want. One miner’s junk is another miner’s treasure so have a rummage and see what is there. A general rule to use is that if a chest is able to be opened then you can help yourself to what is inside but please don’t be too greedy and empty every chest you can open. Most chests you see will be locked by the owner or the DTM team.

There are also some chests that people can leave stuff in that gets drawn down into the furnace system or the basement storage. As a beginner you won’t need to worry about those.

I have been to the bakery, the mall and fell in the lake 3 times. What next?

You may have noticed that if you try to kill any friendly mob (sheep, cows, chickens etc.) that you are told you can’t. You should be able to kill aggressive mobs such as zombies etc. This is because we are in a survival world and you can only kill friendly mobs in your own plot. PVP is also disabled on most of the server apart from a few special areas which you will no doubt hear about later.

Before we progress it should be pointed out that “Keep inventory” is on so if you die you keep your stuff. Also creepers do not do damage to the landscape but they do kill friendly mobs such as dogs, chickens etc. if they explode.

So you need a plot to build on to progress much further. To get a plot there are two ways – email the DTM team or catch Haddock1000 or Easilyconfused online and ask them directly. The central areas are heavily congested and there is a master plan to encourage development to spread to more outlying areas. The good news is that we have a comprehensive minecart and highway network to get you back to Spawn Village. If you catch us online then we can ask the relevant questions there and then. If you are emailing a request be sure to say what sort of plot you want – is it a desert location, plains, mountains, a coastal plot etc. That helps us select a plot for you.

All new plots come with a teleport point so you can quickly return there (and the DTM team can get to you quickly if we need to). We also aim to lay in a rail connection as soon as practically possible.

What else do I need to know?

One very important point to note is the server restarts every day at 06:00 UK time / 01:00 US Eastern. You are advised to log off just before to prevent any chance of losing items you were working with.

We do have some extra features that help you along. There are a number of public quarries where you can get sand, ice, gravel & clay. To access these type /quarry and choose the quarry you want to visit from the selection box that pops up.

On our streams there is usually a “build off” competition that takes place in a special region. To get there type /rg tp bctp and you will be zapped there in an instant. The changing rooms for the build off are simple to operate but you do need to remember to remove your armour before storing it and your inventory in the chest and then press the button to enter the plot. You will be safe in there since it is in creative mode so you don’t need armour. It is important you follow the instructions on signs and given on the stream else you will lose your inventory for ever. The build off plots are one of the areas the /spawn command is inhibited to prevent people loading up with goodies in creative mode and spawning back to their base.

Add more detail to this article 🙂