Visuals, Resource Packs etc

While we have no requirement at all for client-side mods to be able to enjoy Down the Mineshaft, we do each make use of some visual modifications that we think makes the game look even better.  We sometimes get asked about them on the stream and thought it would make sense to document them here so that if you want to get the same view as the one you see on the stream you can see what you need to do it.

We make no guarantees as to the stability of these add-ons or indeed to the sites that are linked as they are outside of our control.  All I’ll say is, they work great for us, but please ensure you take backups, have all your usual anti-virus etc installed and carefully choose which links you click on!



First up, the texture pack some of us use is called Ozocraft.  Some of the team have subscribed via the authors Patreon to get the extra models and textures, but the free pack is also awesome and well worth the download.  It provides a visual update to the game without trying to alter it’s origins, it still fundamentally Minecraft, just prettier!

Note: This is a Minecraft 1.8 texture pack.  In order to be able to use it, you will need to unpack the archive (it’s a zip file), find the pack.mcdata file, edit it in Notepad (or your preferred text editor) and then change:

“pack_format”: 1,


“pack_format”: 2,

That easy. Here’s the link:

The authors Patreon page can be found here:

Note from Easilyconfused : Bryn_Chan recommended this pack to me since I am totally colourblind i.e. I see in monochromatic only. I was having real issues mining telling the blocks apart. This pack solved all those problems.


OptiFine HD

In order to be able to use shaders to create a radically improved look, you need to use a client-side mod called OptiFine HD.  Once installed, you can then download a shader-pack and install that to see the effect.

Here’s the link:

Click “Downloads” from the menu at the top, and find the latest one for your version of Minecraft (note: we use 1.9.2 at the time of writing on Down The Mineshaft).

You don’t need Forge or anything like that, just follow the instructions to install directly in to Minecraft and it will pretty much figure itself out for you.


Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders (SEUS)

The shader pack that I’ve settled on is SEUS. Continuum is also very good.  There are many shaders out there that are all trying to give similar results so I’d encourage you to explore and find the pack that works for you the best.  There are also some interesting YouTube videos that explore that different shaders and directly compare them side-by-side, which is a great way to see where some shaders are strong and others less so. Bottom line – there’s no ‘right’ answer for this one, pick the one that you like and you’ve found the ‘right’ one for you 🙂

Here’s the link:

Note: it talks about needing something called “GL Shaders Mod” – this has since been merged in with OptiFine HD and therefore you don’t need GL Shaders Mod separately.

Once you have the archive downloaded, put it in a “shaderpacks” folder and when you’re next in Minecraft, go to the Video Settings page, then to the new “shaders” page and in there you should see a list of all the shaders you’ve put in the shaderpacks folder – just click it, wait a moment (it will appear to freeze while it loads) and then it’ll be ready.  You can also set some other settings as well.  I use Anti Aliasing set to FXAA 4x for extra crispiness!